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Systemic Family Constellations- Bert Hellinger’s approach

Systemic Family Constellations- Bert Hellinger’s approach phenomenological method, listed among the short course “family therapies”.
It’s an extremely discrete, yet profoundly penetrating, experiential method, covering a wide range of human related issues. Practiced in Europe since the mid eighties, it’s nowadays receiving international acclaim.

It was created by Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist and Philosopher, who combining psychotherapy results with personal observation, formed his own unique healing method. He added precise philosophical principles to the Systemic Approach, freeing it from the narrow contexts of therapy and counseling, creating a healing method that he himself calls “life determining help”.

Systemic Solutions

The Systemic Approach examines the structure and function of Systems..
ΚIt perceives human beings as members of the system they belong to, and examines the system’s overall dynamic and how its members influence each other.

Every system has its own principles, rules and order. Every time those principles are disrespected, disorder and entanglements appear.

Systemic Solutions are, therefore, nothing more than the suggestions, emerging from Systemic Family Constellations, aiming to disentangle the entanglements created at some point by that breach in the System’s fundamental order and rules.

Every time these “Orders of Love”, as Hellinger calls them, are disrespected, energy entanglements are transferred from generation to generation and so, situations and occurrences that seem to be fatal and unsolvable, are, in fact, caused by these profound entanglements.

The Systemic Family Constellations Method

It’s a simple and revealing experiential method that helps us get in touch with ourselves, our emotions and the very core of our being.

Through it, we come to understand that underneath our life’s inexplicable coincidences and repeated patterns, lies our profound love and devotion to our system.
During Systemic Family Constellations the members of a system are set into the present, through a simple representation, where the participants act as representatives of people or situations.

It is NOT a role-play, a theatrical play or Gestalt therapy. It does NOT require any theoretical or practical experience.

The goal

With the help of Systemic Family Constellations, we are able to bring light to and acknowledge the possible origins of the entanglements existing within the System of the interested person, through the emotions and physical symptoms of the representatives.

We then work towards a resolution, as the facilitator suggests corrective movements and ritual statements, which will help restore the energy flow in that particular system.

As a result, thanks to Systemic Family Constellations, we are able to gain a broader understanding of human behavior, of the dynamics governing human relations and of the harmony that is key to personal success and happiness.

The benefits

The Systemic Family Constellations method is a Solution oriented experience, during which, the Solution emerges from underneath habits, beliefs, dilemmas, inexplicable behaviors, traumas, diseases and dead ends and takes effect despite our subconscious resistance.

In that way, order is restored within the System and the individual is freed from past entanglements, which had created dead end situations and is reconnected with what had been disconnected, forgotten or excluded.

As a result, we are once again able to find meaning in our everyday life, rediscover our place in the world, reconnect with our parents without entanglements, relate to our children without feelings of guilt, see love just as love, friends just as friends, our companion just as a companion, understand our body and our heart, restore health and prosperity in our life and feel empowered and ready to move forward.

Thessaloniki, November 2012
Froso Papadopoulou
Systemic Solutions Consultant-Systemic Family Constellation