Systemic Solutions Center (Bert Hellinger’s Approach)
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A brief note on me and my work

I founded “Systemic Solutions Center (Bert Hellinger’s approach)-The Art of Living” in Thessaloniki, my birthplace and home.

Here I offer personal growth and human relations management Counseling services and facilitate Systemic Family Constellations, for individuals and groups, following Bert Hellinger’s method and philosophy.

At the Center we work with closed counseling groups on weekly bases, host one or two day seminars, where we address specific topics through experiential workshops and also, host lectures on Alternative Healing and Psychology.

I also offer my services in Europe and other cities in Greece.

I believe that for every human issue there’s a human solution, that every problem contains its solution. Therapists are, in fact, mere companions, helping restore an ability we all share, the ability to self-heal.

My training at the Greek Institute of Systemic Family Constellations (by Dr. Dimitris Stavropoulos, Bert Hellinger, Eva Hanggi) and my long experience as a Systemic Solutions Consultant and a Systemic Family Constellations facilitator, help me address with great respect people and their fundamental life issues, that set our souls in motion. And by helping others grow, I too, grow and evolve as a person and as a therapist.

I’m proud to consider myself an “ordinary” person; fortunately, I was raised by “ordinary” parents, I married an “ordinary” (and therefore wonderful) man, have had “ordinary” (and therefore lovely) children and I offer myself and my services to “ordinary” ( and therefore unique) people. Because life, as Bert Hellinger also believes, is everything we experience in our “ordinary” everyday lives.

Thessaloniki, November 2012
Froso Papadopoulou
Systemic Solutions Consultant-Systemic Family Constellation