Systemic Solutions Center (Bert Hellinger’s Approach)
Researching Inner Growth
Counseling on Human Health Psychology


I’m happy to welcome you to our fresh webpage, where you can find information on the activities taking place at the Systemic Solutions Center (Bert Hellinger’s approach)- “The Art of Living” (Experiential Workshops, Counseling Groups, Lectures), as well as texts written by me and my teacher, Bert Hellinger, on Systemic Theory and the benefits of Systemic Family Constellations and Systemic Therapy to your inner growth.

I deeply believe that life is a journey leading us to adulthood. During this life-long inner journey, we must assume responsibility as adults, heal our traumas, embrace the child within and ultimately resume our inner strength.

As we live out this wondrous experience, the principles of Systemic Theory and Systemic Family Constellation can prove to be our valuable allies.

May we all have a wonderful journey!

Thessaloniki, November 2012
Froso Papadopoulou
Systemic Solutions Consultant-Systemic Family Constellation